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3 Reasons Make TERA in a Hard Situation

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TERA, one of the most anticipated online games in South Korea in the first half of 2011, is now held in a worsening situation. In the perspective from the unique circumstances, the game has lost about 40% players, and is likely to lose 1/3 earnings approximately, which means they lost 40% Tera Account.

TERA actually earned 40 billion won between February and April, 2011, but is very likely to reach very bad sales within the remaining many months this season.Actually, TERA kept a large quantity of players when released in January, as well as took over Aion because the most widely used video game in Columbia for some time. But with a smaller amount players, the game saw the number of its servers dropped from 39 to 15 in May. Not the same as this, Aion introduced two new servers coupled with the number of its servers increase from 43 to 45. So, what caused this type of phenomenon?

Slow Update

As an online game, TERA hasn’t conducted any large-scale updates in the four months after its commercial service launch. The state once announced that they’d execute an update called “Destruction of the Beasts” for TERA, however the announcement was made too late indeed as certain players had quit.When the official could update the game earlier, the current terrible situation would not appear.

Mighty Rival

As being a rival to TERA, Aion also encountered similar problems and witnessed many of its players leave. Fortunately, the state company updated the sport content over time, and thus effectively avoided the quit of numerous players.That’s hard to make Cheap Tera Gold in the game. Meanwhile, after being updated towards the 2.5 version, Aion presented players with a large volume of new content and elements in succession. This just made a certain quantity of TERA players switch to Aion.

Game Balance & Problems in Game Content

The imbalance among the classes in TERA may be the main reason for players’ quit. Particularly, plenty of players are loath to synergy with “Lancer” that is very difficult to control, and “Priest” is also seriously ignored. Because of this, it’s no wonder that players would choose to leave TERA.Anyway, based on the official update schedule, TERA is going to be updated in the coming three months, which’s likely to stop players from quitting in a sense. Let’s just wait and find out the results!

Tera Got Big Award in E3

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E3 Media Game Informer Game Shoe works appraisal results were released by the well-known Game Informer: TERA won best PC games this year and the best MMO game two awards ,which designed by Korean Bluehole next-generation online game development studio. That made Tera gold reliable guarantee of the global success!

Bluehole said last year (2010) Game Informer gave the best rating out of the best MMO PC games and were civilized 5 and Star Wars: The Old Republic , and this year is both of these two awards by the TERA won! therefore greatly enhance the Tera items the future likelihood of success in the global market. According to Game Informer’s rating, TERA also has beautiful balance of excellent combat system and a unique political system is the main reason for its success, this year’s E3 game show in the demo version of the performance is excellent, so breath It awarded two prizes. In addition, the North American online game media MMORPG.com will TERA selected as the best combat MMO.

However, in the past TERA updated version in South Korea only because of the slow and career issues such as poor balance, negative feedback by the players, whether after this, while at the E3 show to do a perfect adjustment between the judges led to favor may have to wait until the person is really playing to the domestic players can work out the.

Let us Talk about Tera with Developer in E3 2011

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We haven’t updated our release window. We are focused on TERA’s quality and we’ll launch when we feel the game is prepared.Now, a little about our TERA press demos! We’ve been showing the political system and 2 characters’ rise to power.One character, Landon, is a popular guild leader and elected to office while Xavier is a PvP badass and earned his throne via combat.

The rewards of their office include charge of taxation rates, monster spawning, PvP rules, vendor access, and jailing enemies.After E3, we’ll share our press demo using the TERA community such as the level 50 BAM that Landon and Xavier defeated.And now, Senior Producer Brian Knox will begin answering your TERA questions. Some tweets may be responded with video to using Tout.pappinator: What sort of sway will an elected member have locally?We want Vanarchs to stand out outside the game. The Tera Items are easy and interesting for players. Our community team will be talking much more about these functions in the future.

TeraHispano: When can we see pvp servers? next test maybe?

We now have ongoing tests for the PVP servers already and hope to open them up wider in future testing events. Times continue to be TBD

GamerRiot: What is the difference between a Vanarch and an Exarch?

The Exarch may be the boss Seriously though we’ll talk more about Exarchs later.

RiotTrance: What is to prevent everyone from running for office themselves? Maybe there is responsibilities as well as privileges?

To operate for office you must be a guild leader with 20 guild members, a guild degree of 2 along with a player degree of 50. And be awesome

WarpCode: Can we have the korean updates at release or can we be many months behind them?once we finalize our timeline for launch we’ll evaluate what our final updates is going to be. Every update out to date is going to be included.

TeraHispano: When are we able to test the elin race?

All changes are minor cosmetic changes, so there is nothing to check.Jo_Ngoc_Hang: what’s planned about GvG ? This technique is designed to ease conflict among guilds. We aren’t starting details yet but we are excited for the system.

BrowncoatBlue: Will we have the ability to keep more than one capital letter within our character names?

We’ve got some ideas up our sleeves to maximize names and provide creative freedom. Ought to be in the next test.

Teracasts: Why are you avoiding questions from a number of your biggest supporters?

Cause i’m typing on a netbook ugh.

Teracasts: How does EME answer the critics of Korean MMOS? and those who feel EME has been too secretive about critical NA features?Until we meet a quality level we are happy with we are going to be short on details. Or things will shift and you’ll be sad.

GamerRiotEmp: Lotta people worried crafting is waste of time/money. Used to be the best, now Aion-style time sink. Gonna get changed?Our goal is to make it viable gear for players. The very best crafters will need to place in time but we do not want it to suck.

Rosengarde: What, inside your opinion, is the most important change you’re bringing towards the NA version? The thing of greatest impact?Accessibility for those kinds of players. PVP, solo, party, crafters. Having enough top quality content for those isn’t any small task.

psychosamatic24: Are there any abilities that would cause Friendly Fire during battle?

We do not have friendly fire. This was a huge challenge for the devs in creating a non-target system in a pvp environment.

jabeum: got any particular ideas or features you’re pushing BHS to include in the sport in the future?

I just had talks about TERA’s end game for that western market and our expectations. Good situations are in the works.

JoseUnCut: On the TERA forums all of us read there was something big planned for TERA. If there no date givengive us popular about the big planneds. We have been giving detailed information on a single our big end game features, the political system!

BigNastey: What will be the max level in Tera for NA/EU launch.

BigNastey: In what stage is Tera at this time with Westernization, when can we see more news about that process.busting our ass to implement all of the feedback everyone have been giving us. 1-58 is story complete, voice overs are done, font is chosen, its all really centered on quality of game content now.

Tatticus: Is there a lore reason Baraka are, generally, priests in the promo videos?

They’re the scholars around the globe. And appear cool as hell in robes.

TheSaintACE: So then we Are likely to obtain the patch becoming tested in Korea? Like EU developers said in Berlin in a few weeks ago?

Teracasts: Can there be expanded controller functionality already in developement? For example toggling Fire-at-crosshair attacks?latest game version allows attacks to be either body facing or camera facing and shows mapping on screen with shiftable states

psychosamatic24: May be the graphic’s engine in this game from another developer or perhaps is it by one of your studio’s? We use the unreal 3 engine.

optorientation: How’s PvP going to look about the PvE servers?it will be consensual for example battlegrounds, duels and deathmatches.

Teracasts: Is there any intends to increase the camera control speed for the analog stick, beyond that which was obtainable in the CPE?[/B]yes this method is within with the controller now. Both ui speed and camera speed.

Teracasts: Producer Chris Hager mentioned the Crysis engine, was this just accidental E3 over-caffeination, or perhaps a sinister Argon plot?

He misspoke we now have always used the unreal engine.

JoseUnCut: So no open world PVP for TERA? Only on PVP servers maybe there is open world PVP.

Eikju: How about Guildtaxes which means that a portion of greenbacks will automatically go in to the warehouse of a guild?

Everything would go to the guild leader but it’s broadcast to the guild… With great power…

LBastor: When should be expect newer and more effective information on your schedule? All we would like is a relative misty worst possible release date.Soon as we meet our quality standard at En Masse. Around you want Tera gold I’d like it launched 1000 times more

LeonardoRCastro: Are there likely to be any kind of pvp gear or rewards?yes. you earn points fighting in battlegrounds that may be allocated to rewards such as potions and gear.